That Dress - Michelle Lau

I sat down with my dear friend and beautiful sporty #christinadevinebride Michelle Lau to relive her surprise proposal (I was a witness!) and reminisce about her around the world wedding celebrations. Remember travel?

We created a custom fit and flare gown for Michelle made from beautiful ivory silk crepe and silk habotai fabrics.The plunging neckline and deep V back compliment Michelle's gorgeous figure. We created a magical train of circle cut ruffles in silk and horsehair trailing down the back adding just the right about of drama.

Christina Devine bride wearing dress and veil

Where are you from?

Kind of Hong Kong, kind of UK.

Where/how did you meet your husband?

In a dragon boat after he'd already swiped left on my Tinder profile.

Tell us about the proposal!

It was rather public to say the least! At the very last dragon boat race of the season and my last day as team captain of my wonderful dragon boat team, he gathered both of our teams together in a huge circle and out of nowhere, asks me to make a speech (no pressure!). Little did I know, it was all a ruse to get me into the middle of circle. Surrounded by our huge dragon boat family, he saunters into the middle of the circle to join me. Everyone incidentally thought (and hoped) he was going to very publicly defect from his team and fiiiinally join my team, but no such luck! He dropped down on one knee and the circle of teammates went absolutely nuts! No one could hear what he was saying over the screams and cheers! As they say, actions speak louder than words :)

Christina Devine bride and groom walking hand in hand

Where did you get married?

We kicked things off with a celebration in Liverpool. The hotel overlooks the docks that Captain America chased down the bad guys. Our second wedding celebration took place at the Hong Kong Club for the actual legal ceremony and the Hong Kong Football Club for the after party with our family and friends. And one more! A secret ceremony for just for the two of us in Thailand, but shhhh!

A bride and groom kissing. The bride is wearing Christina Devine wedding dress and veil

Tell us about your wedding dress!

In a word, amazing! For the first time in my life, I looked tall, and curvy! It was simple and elegant. Nothing flashy, but with enough to look at. Everything I could ask for in a dress.

How did you feel on your wedding day?

Ecstatic - England had just beaten New Zealand in the Rugby World Cup semi-final after all! ;) All jokes aside, it was an incredible day, and so much better than I had ever dreamed possible! It was so special to be able to share it with so many of our loved ones

Christina Devine bride and groom walking down the aisle

Any advice for future brides?

I am so glad that Christina took me and my dress on. Unfortunately, Hong Kong is not designed to look after, or to make brides feel special. I would have been lost without her! She took all of the stress out of such a huge aspect of the day. For the day itself, don't worry if things go wrong. In fact, it's when things go wrong that the fun starts, and the stories are created! It's these little things that are remembered for years to come, so sit back, relax, let the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and the groom do their thing, and enjoy the day. Fingers crossed, you'll never get the chance again ;)

Are you thinking about modifying your dress so you can wear it again?

I hope so!!! If I ever make it back to Hong Kong!


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